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  Unit 3 Status Enquiry


  1.safeguard(vt.) 维养护,养保卫; 备养护

  2.fellow (n.) 同伙、同事

  3.standing credit 定额存贷款

  4.credit standing 信誉情景

  5.reference(n.) 参考,运用;(身份、才干等的)证皓书,证皓人

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  6.confidential(adj.) 凹隐秘的,凹隐秘的

  7.principle(n.) 绳墨

  8.commitment (n.) (担负)工干

  9.straightforward(adj.) 简直了当的;坦比值的

  10.recovery(n.) 收回

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  Credit (n.)

  ①one’s financial reputation 资信,信誉

  e.g. If you need more objective information concerning our credit, please direct all inquiries to the First Bank.

  Remittance and collection belong to the commercial credit.

  ②a sum of money in sb’s bank account 存贷款,存贷款账户

  e.g. How much have I standing to my credit?

  She has a large sum standing to her credit in the bank.

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  ③sum of money placed at a person’s disposal by a bank, ect. advance or loan ,存贷款,借款额度

  e.g. He / His credit is good for 5000.

  The availability of cheap long term credit would help small businesses.

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  ①to record an amount as being paid into sb’s bank account 记入借方,借入

  e.g. Please credit my account with the interest on the loan.

  We can’t refund cash but we’ll credit you with the value of the suit.

  ②have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of 相信,置信

  e.g. You won’t credit her far - fetched story.

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  on credit 赊欠,赊账,信贷

  with the agreement that payment will be made at a future date

  e.g. We shall be very happy to supply you with goods on credit.