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  D 51. My uncle is quite worn out from years of hard work. He is no longer the man he was

  fifteen years ago.

  A. which

  B. whom

  C. who

  D. that

  C 52. Which of the following sentences is a COMMAND?

  A. Beg your pardon.

  B. Have a good time.

  C. Never do that again!

  D. What noise you are making!

  A 53. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates purpose?

  A. She said it for fun, but others took her seriously.

  B. For all its effort, the team didn’t win the match.

  C. Linda has worked for the firm for twenty years.

  D. He set out for Beijing yesterday.

  B 54. When you have finished with the book, don’t forget to return it to Tim, ?

  A. do you

  B. will you

  C. don’t you

  D. won’t you

  D 55. In phrases like freezing cold, burning hot, or soaking wet, the –ING participle is used

  A. as a command.

  B. as a condition.

  C. for concession.

  D. for emphasis.

  B 56. Which of the following italicized phrases is INCORRECT?

  A. The city is now ten times its original size.

  B. I wish I had two times his strength.

  C. The seller asked for double the usual price.

  D. They come here four times every year.

  A 57. It is not so much the language the cultural background that makes the book

  difficult to understand.

  A. as

  B. nor

  C. but

  D. like

  C 58. Which of the following italicized parts is used as an object?

  A. What do you think has happened to her?

  B. Who do you think the visiting professor is?

  C. How much do you think he earns every month?

  D. How quickly would you say he would come?

  B 59. The additional work will take weeks.

  A. the other

  B. another two

  C. other two

  D. the more